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What? More Layers?

Layers, it’s all about those layers

Peeling one away,

excitedly, look at my achievement!

My reward? Another damn layer

I swear, grinning at me mockingly


But determinedly I set to work,

wiping furiously at my cheeks,

tears, trying to out my frustration.

Well versed, I begin to pick at the corner,

desperately trying to grasp the edge


that next layer will come away, oh believe me

that sucker is coming up, no doubt

there is no way this is beating me now.

Because one day I’ll reach my reward

you’ll see, no more layers waiting for me.



2 thoughts on “What? More Layers?

  1. Disciples and ogres are like onions – they have layers! I’m so thankful that each one removed draws me closer to my heart – the sweetest part of the onion…and the human!

    What a blessed day it will be when we’re free – no more layers to be removed. The thought makes me Homesick! 🙂

    Praise Jesus!

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