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I don’t want you anymore

let me let you go

I no longer need your protection   

Please, it’s time I took the lead


I thank you for taking over

I love you for saving me

I owe you my life

for it was a life you gave me


You sacrificed yourself, 

you took my fear and anguish

and you made it your own

I could not have survived alone.



You were like an umbrella

my shelter from the storm

Like a veil, you concealed me

from the unbearable truth


But now I must control

No more jumping to the fore

All I seek is truth now

no matter the pain or cost


Once my rescuer

now you hold me captive

A slave to you still, see

you have to set me free.


Darlin’ I am safe now, 

please allow me to feel

relinquish your control

It is time for me heal.



3 thoughts on “Captive

  1. Thank you for lovely words…
    Feels little like you talking about my brain and little me inside …as they fight today competing ..to move on or not

    Had a really rough night panic attack s capturing the whole of me still battling today scary and hate crying !

  2. Good morninguyen
    Thank you for following my blog much appreciated..
    Love this piece you have written feels like letting go to a healing piece to now move on!

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