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Forever No

Written in a moment of anger earlier today, it has taken me some courage to share.

*Trigger Warning*


Didn’t you hear?

though it wasn’t verbal,

oh believe, it was clear.

If you had bothered to look

if you had given a shit,

you would have seen.

It was in her recoil,

at each and every flinch.

Undeniable, in that empty stare.


Few protests passed her lips

yet it was there all along

screaming and pleading

if you had simply tuned in.

In rehearsed response

in robotic movement

lay her refusal.

Waiting for you to notice

desperate for you to care.


A neon sign would be futile

for no matter what she did,

self was your only concern.

Just a toy for amusement

as if she wasn’t real.

But here it is crystal now

(though you still won’t hear)

It was and it is

A Forever No



7 thoughts on “Forever No

  1. I applaud you for the courage it took for you to write this. There are many out there who’ve gone through the same thing and your courage may help others. Blessings to you and thank you for sharing!

  2. Thank you for sharing. In a strange way, you’ve helped me understand those who hurt me. It has been bothered me alot, thinking about why they wanted to hurt me so badly. I mean, what did I do to them? I didn’t even know them! But now I realize that it wasn’t about me. I wasn’t even there, as far as they were concerned. It was all about them and what they wanted. Hurting me was only part of their pleasure.

    • It wasn’t and isn’t anything you did wrong. You can only own your actions not theirs.

      What they did was about them, the dominance and control is often the thrill. It is a pack mentality.. It is wrong, disgusting and it makes me so angry.
      Darling, what they did was not your fault. You are innocent.

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