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Hidden truth

I had therapy today, it was rough. It was so horrible to talk about vile details, I feel terrible. But we faced those things, we pushed past the shame to reveal the truth underneath. It hasn’t gone away, but we exposed it for what it really is. The shame I feel is from lies, it isn’t mine, but sometimes the line between truth and lies doesn’t seem clear. Talking it out helps me find the truth hidden there.


The hideous truth

hidden in silence.

Silent from her shame

built by devious lies


Lies that were forced,

fed to her over and over

like a poison spreading

blackening her light.


The truth was distorted

twisted and warped

until finally it was lost

and the lie was her truth


But today we faced it

and tore away at shame

until silence was broken

and real truth could be exposed



6 thoughts on “Hidden truth

  1. This brought tears to my eyes, so filled with strength and determination. I am proud to read this and be able to share in your journey with you. You are so much stronger than you think. *hugs*

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