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I see you

Do you  ever think of me?

Do I plague your thoughts?

Do I intrude on your life

the way you do on mine?


You may not be here,

but you still invade my mind

I can feel you creeping there

trying to control my thoughts.


I hope you dream of my screams

then you will know what I endure

I hope you are riddled with shame

and guilt at what you caused.


I see you for who you are now

I finally reject your lies

I know you felt responsible

I know you were ashamed


Because you forced that on to me

feelings that were yours to own

I see now you are weak

too feeble to carry your shame.


But see we aren’t the same

I am strong enough to bear it

courageous enough to face it

and I will let it go.


Cowardly, you made me take it

but I will not do the same

I will not force it on to others.

The cycle ends with me.



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