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I see your darkness

In my mind

I see your darkness

there are flashes

of my fear

Pressure on my body

as some hidden part



I probe deeper

strangely eager

to remember the detail

my body knows.

As time moves slowly on

I untangle the fragments

and I am met with reality.


And I wonder why I tried

why I ever wanted to know

because the truth

is unimaginable.

Tortured and shamed

raped and abused.

I wish I didn’t remember.


In my mind I still see your darkness

and there are flashes

of my fear

and though it is so painful

the truth will pierce

your darkness

I already see my light.



4 thoughts on “I see your darkness

  1. Dearest, as you go back and revisit the ugliness, is Jesus invited to speak to you there by your T? It has been my experience that when Jesus shows up, everything changes. It’s like finding a “But God…” in the Bible. Permanent healing takes place – not just for that one memory, but for every echo of it between then and now. It’s powerful! It brings freedom inexplicable.


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