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I have cried for evil

I have cried for evil,

Yes, I wept for him

Yet he was not deserving

night after night

my tears were wasted on him


And now I fear they are depleted

perhaps I have but a finite store?

Those left feel so precious.

Though I know I am deserving,

I do not cry for myself


Despite endless nights of torment

used over and over again

I continued to hurt for him.

I forgave him with my comfort

I gave permission with my tears


Ridiculed for feeling what he should

it was a weakness in his eyes,

But unlike him I was not broken,

I could feel all of his pain

and I shed my tears for him.


Until he took me with him

Down into depths of despair

Where I could no longer feel at all

I was hardened to all of his pain

and numb to what he inflicted.


And all because I cried for evil,

because I wept for his pain

I just wanted to fix him

to repair his shattered soul

in order to save us both





7 thoughts on “I have cried for evil

  1. This is very emotional and filled with such pain. I am glad you could get this out, it is very difficult to release I could imagine. I am sorry for the pain you have gone through, but I hope that in writing this you have found some relief. *hugs*

  2. Wow you’ve said so much here, I hear some forgiveness, some empathy because you understand you are dealing with a sick individual who was probably mistreated in their life. You talk about saving you both, I say save yourself.

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