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Washing away Innocence


There seemed to be no sound

just pictures of the horror.

She couldn’t even feel the water

washing away her innocence


Yet aware she was scrubbing

scouring and squeezing

forcing the foam to release

over every inch of stain.


Her gaze was fixed,

she could not avert it.

Watching the foam

making it’s descent


intertwining with the stain.

With the weight it carried

it was gaining momentum

seemingly eager to escape.


Spinning  down together

there was no way to prevent it

blotting out the purity.

crimson seeping into white.


Colours merged together

far too familiar.

Red chasing white

her innocence and his crime.



3 thoughts on “Washing away Innocence

  1. I remember that day in the shower after “it” happened, scrubbing, the water covering my cries and tears going down the drain with the rest. It’s so clear just as you’ve described it. I wish I could forget it, but know that I never will.

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