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Feel like a freak. Frustrated.

I feel like a bit of a freak today, there’s some stuff going on that I don’t quite understand. I’ve had a rough few days, I’ve been massively triggered and feeling quite unwell with PTSD symptoms. It is disappointing because things had improved. I had a run of a few days where I felt OK, even good at some points during the day. But, it is what it is, I know I can’t control it and I know I did everything I could to help myself while it passed. It did pass some, I had a better night last night and up until mid afternoon, I’ve been OK.


Ugh I had it all typed out, what happened this afternoon, but it triggered me so badly, I had to delete. I’m not able to share I guess. As much as I really, really need to hear “you are not crazy” or a “me too, I understand” I cannot share it on here right now.





7 thoughts on “Feel like a freak. Frustrated.

  1. It happens a lot. I wonder what it is lately, but a lot of people I know are really triggered this past week or 2… Hope it gets better for you. For what it’s worth, You are not crazy.

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