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My amazing therapy.

Therapy is amazing, it really is. If you are having a tough time, or simply want to do some self discovery, I thoroughly recommend it.

My T is a Person Centered T, I have little personal experience of any other types, so I cannot fairly compare, but wow.  Person centered therapy is judgement free, I feel validated all the way and I control what we talk about and when we talk about it.

Even 17 months in and therapy (and my T) continue to surprise me. I’ve trusted him for a good while now, but once again the trust deepened today. I’ve felt him with me all along, but today it was more than that. He saw my pain and he felt it, I know he did and it was like he was holding my hand (not literally!) through it. It was so emotional, I was moved by him holding my pain with me in that way, I could barely contain the tears.

Therapy has been different since his break. I am not exactly sure why, though I have some ideas, but I have relaxed more with him. I feel like it’s more equal than it has ever been before. I feel able to challenge him, I feel I can show him the real me. And he’s noticed too, he seems to feel more comfortable with me as well. He’s asking more questions, reading me better, pushing and then backing off without needing to be asked. Our relationship has changed and moved forward. I finally feel I really understand what he meant when he talked about the importance of the therapeutic relationship in healing. It really is massively important, more than I could ever have imagined.

I feel a lot right now, terrified of the weekend, full of guilt and shame and also trauma and a whole heap of pain (due to issues raised in therapy). But, I feel good about my relationship with my T. I feel supported and understood.


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