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Causes of Rape.

A little rant for a Sunday evening.

What is it with society thinking women in short skirts/dresses are “asking for it”? It’s a rape myth. I think people hold on to that (ridiculous) idea because it’s easier to victim blame than to admit the truth. The truth being that more rapes occur in the victims own home, perpetrated by someone they know, than by strangers in an alley way. Stranger rape is a lot rarer than a lot of people seem to realise.

It is absurd, it really is. I hear and read so often, that somehow the victim’s clothes are a factor in rape. This suggests rape is about sex , it suggests men cannot control their sexual urges (which frankly, is offensive to all the decent men out there). It suggests that by wearing a short skirt, the female is indicating she is sexually available. Clothes have nothing to do with consent and rape is not about sex. Rape is about power, rape is about control, it is about dominance, it is about humiliation, rape is a way to feed the rapists ego.. etc etc. I was not forced to have sex, I was not forced to perform sex acts. I was raped.

I wore short skirts sometimes, dresses occasionally but mostly I wore jeans or combat trousers or school uniform trousers or jogging trousers, or at times long skirts. What I and every other rape victim wore is irrelevant. It didn’t matter whether I was in a short skirt or in jeans, the rapes took place anyway. My clothes did not mean I was asking for it, my behaviour did not mean I was asking for it. I was raped because I was in the presence of a rapist.

Rape has nothing to do with the victim’s behaviour or dress, nothing at all. The only cause of rape is the rapist. It is as simple as that.


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