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No Peace

You hold it behind your smile

that distress, the seering pain

It rises inside you

you swallow it again,

that blood curdling scream.

Because what good will it do?

it never got you anywhere then,

nothing ever made it go.


You are on the floor now

on your knees begging

pleading for a reprieve.

The punishment goes on

never ending it seems.

The tears falls fast

a sinner praying for peace

do you deserve it at last?


You try to pick yourself up

to summon strength within.

‘cos there was no relief

no peace, no release.

Paint on that smile

dust yourself off again,

you have no choice.


3 thoughts on “No Peace

  1. Hi, Anonymous! Thinking of you today, I hope today is a win in your battle. Dear Lord today bring her comfort, and mercy. Relieve her of the stinging pain, show her a glimpse of what it will feel like on the side of victory, give her hope, something to keep reaching for. Most of all Lord let her feel your unending love and remind her how you know what she is feeling, that you have suffered, and were tempted and you can relate to her every need. In Jesus name I pray all these things for HER. Amen~ Lots of Love sweetheart ❤

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