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Demon within

On a roll tonight. I’ve been writing lots in my journal, sharing this one is kinda risky, but given how swamped in shame I am right now, sharing seems to be the right thing to do. This feels right.

So…. Massive trigger warning. You have been warned.


Waking into the nightmare

fear gripping your heart

terror ripping through you

back in your body

you have landed in hell.

Looking over your shoulder

confirms your worst fears.


You can feel that heat

it’s rising and falling.

Stuck in the rhythm, 

forced back in the cycle

there was never an escape

your sleeping monster

is way too close.


Every muscle is screaming,

your purity seeping away beneath you.

The blood will stop, wounds will heal

you can wipe away the urine

even scrub away his semen

but that demon is inside now

and you will never release him.


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