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My wish for you (to “him”)


Once again my thoughts turn to you and it sickens me, because you would like, that wouldn’t you? For me to think of you.

Do you remember that afternoon, when I stood up to you?

I squared my shoulders and I stared into your cold, soulless eyes. My skin was crawling, but I held your gaze. Do you remember what you said to me? I do. Every single word. And you were right, you were my first and I will never, ever forget. I remember those words often and I remember how you laughed in my face. When my thoughts turn to you, I remember what you said and Oh how it makes me hate you.


I often wonder what you are doing and if you are thinking of me. Have you forgotten me? Have you forgotten what you did? Have you buried it deep inside?

I’m told you have changed and for the sake of others I hope that is true, but what I hope for most, is for you to hurt the way I did.

I hope you are twisted inside right now, I hope your evil is dragging you down, down into the depths of despair.I want you to drown in your pain, suffocating on your memories. I want you to feel this torture, I want you to face that torment. And I want and I hope that it is utter agony for you.

Then maybe you’ll have a clue, some idea, of what you did to me. Maybe then, you’ll understand some of what I face every single day. Maybe then you’ll see what you left me with. And then you’ll hate you just as much as I do.

And that, is my wish for you.


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