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Don’t wolf whistle at me…

It is not a compliment, I am not flattered.

I am not walking along the road so you can beep your car horn at me. I don’t exist so you can leer out your window and shout sexual remarks at me.

Funnily enough your intimidating behaviour (and normally when I’m with my young children) is not something I enjoy.

My body is not yours, I am not a object for you to stare at. My breasts and behind are not for rating, I don’t want to hear what you would like do to me.

I am not interested how sexually attracted you are to me. Keep your thoughts to yourself and leave me be. I have been putting up with this shit since I was 13.


It is never a compliment, not for me.

Women should not accept street harassment as ‘just a compliment




2 thoughts on “Don’t wolf whistle at me…

  1. Seriously. It is not a compliment and the men that do it aren’t even thinking about the women as people. Otherwise they might stop and think, this girl looks older but she could be 12/13 and quite literally a child.

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