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Update- therapy today.

Wow, I am blown away by the support- to everyone who has sent me messages, I appreciate it so much. Thank you for the good wishes, the prayers and the hugs. For those who asked for an update:


Well, it’s over. I said most of what I needed to for now.

I feel as if someone has reached down my throat and ripped out my insides. I hurt so much. The body memories started about an hour ago, they are hitting in waves. It’s horrible. I feel sick and I feel used.

I do not have the energy to explore the issues that have arisen and the potential questions/ issues it will resolve yet, but hopefully in the coming weeks I will be able to.

My awesome husband has got the children to bed and is now making my favourite food.

Right now, its about getting through the next 24 hours while I await the symptoms to peak and then (hopefully) fade some.





7 thoughts on “Update- therapy today.

  1. I’m sorry to hear that the body memories have started for you. I know personally for me they can be so intense and awful. I’m sure you will get through it sending you my support. Enjoy your favourite food you deserve to be spoilt after such heavy session .

  2. i’m glad you updated 🙂 Step one is complete…you accepted the task at hand and revealed it 🙂 you are a strong woman and this will only make you stronger!! Keep pressing on!! ❤

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