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Empty pain.

It hurts.

Sinking another drink

And less

Inhaling with another toke.

no more.



I see it in the mirror

blue, red

proof in the colours


The truth.


But I feel nothing


There’s nothing here

I am nothing. Empty.









5 thoughts on “Empty pain.

      • I’m glad you don’t feel this way anymore! I personally burned all of my old journals and poems…I couldn’t stand to look at them anymore..I’d open a page to find my pen having been drug through multiple pages in anger knowing that used to be my skin…I’d read the words of a tormented soul knowing I used to relate so well, I was tired of compartmentalizing, tired of remembering how i used to be two people inside..sigh…….anyway, we all have different healing processes and all that matters is we are on the road to a brighter tomorrow ❤

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