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Abuse should never be the norm


I woke today with my wrists feeling sore, though the bruises healed long ago, the pain feels very real to me. My husband seemed to know, he took my hands and caressed my wrists gently and then held them firmly. I felt safe, loved and comforted. I thank God for my husband everyday.

I have been with my husband for longer than the abuse went on for. Though I trust my husband completely, as part of the PTSD, the hyper vigilance remains. The fear of being hurt again is always there.

This morning it struck me that it was a little messed up to feel so grateful that he did not and does not hurt me. That should be a given, with every man, with every person. No one should be abusing anyone else.

I am grateful for how wonderful my husband is- but I should not have to be thankful that he is not abusing me. It should never have to cross my mind.

Abuse should never be the norm, rape should not be part of every day life. What kind of world are we living in where this is accepted even ridiculed. Rape can destroy lives, abuse eats away at the soul.

I should not have to feel relief, or be grateful that my husband or any man in my life treats me the way I and everyone deserves to be treated.


Abuse is not OK, it should never have been part of my life. No one deserves abuse and I will never accept it as the norm.




2 thoughts on “Abuse should never be the norm

  1. Wow thank you. I agree completely. I struggle with intimacy with my husband. I get so frustrated that my rape from the past creeps into my present. It shouldn’t be the norm! But you’ve also shown me I need to be more thankful for my husband and how he treats me, not let the past effect my thankfulness to my husband.

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