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He’s plaguing my dreams again. Every time I close my eyes, he returns to remind me of what was. Except a little different this time, like he is bringing then to now, rather than now to back then….

Forced to return to my home town and back into his trap, into a life, I once knew so well. Another, where I was dreaming that I woke in my bed, to a dark figure above me and pressure on my chest. As I reached out to my husband, it was my abuser who reached back..

Last night was the worst yet, the fear as I tried to flee and he gave chase. No way out, once again.

And it is the fear that lingers, the terror I cannot shake.






9 thoughts on “Nightmares.

  1. I’m so sorry 😦 I know that crippling fear and confusion and the day long exhaustion. Have you tried sleeping with a radio or music on low in the background? Or dim lighting? Maybe some lavender spray on your pillow? I know these might seem silly but I thought it might be worth offering some suggestions. Anything to help ease your pain. I hope this cycle of nightmares passes soon xxx

  2. Ugh those disgusting horrible dreams! I know them all too well. I feel like they should stop after all these years but they haven’t yet. They lessen at times…I’ve been told to “take control” in my dreams to make them stop but I lersoy don’t know how to…I hope they stop for you…I really really do…be extra thankful tonight as you go to sleep that you have your loving husband laying beside you to assure you all is well ❤️ Miss you friend

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