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Looking for Peace (in the wrong place).

A little normality resumes today, at least in that the husband is back to work and the children are back to arguing. I have a few more days off work, in which I hope to have further time to rest. It hasn’t felt like a restful holiday so far. Not because I’ve been busy running around, quite the opposite in fact. It’s just that even when I am resting, I do not feel rested at all.

This morning, I was hoping to find some peace and quiet. The oldest boy was playing his new game and the youngest snuggled up on the couch still in his pjs, watching his favourite cartoon. I took the opportunity to relish the quiet and have a little time to myself. It’s a beautiful morning here, a cold, crisp day. It looks like a winter postcard or a Christmas card out there.

I seated myself on my window seat, with a hot drink and for a moment or two, breathed in the quiet and marveled at the beauty out side. Some moments later, I checked in with myself- grounding as normal to be sure I was present. It was then that I realised, my chest was heavy, my breathing laboured and where the day had started out so light, there was all of a sudden, a halo of darkness surrounding me.

I could feel myself slipping, so quickly and unexpectedly. That darkness was approaching, ready to envelope me. And I knew what I had to do, in order to climb out. I knew that it was up to me to pull myself away. Except I just couldn’t. I was already on the downward spiral, and though I knew it all it would take is a side step out, I just couldn’t muster the energy to do it for myself.

In the end, in a similar manner to my T  just last week, it was my husband who pulled me out. So simply and easily and now one hour later I am immersing myself in the sounds and smells of my home. I have escaped some of that darkness at least. The memories I was stuck in are not so close as they were, but some of the dark and scary feelings remain.

It is the light I am willing to envelope me right now.


It was peace I was seeking this morning and although I thought I had all the right conditions to achieve that, I had forgotten the most important thing, that peace begins from within. And right now, I do not feel peace inside me, instead it feels more like a storm. How can I possibly feel any peace when I feel so twisted up inside?




5 thoughts on “Looking for Peace (in the wrong place).

  1. I dont have any answers….i hope you find peace, even if just for a few moments. We all need a break from the storm inside. My therapist keeps telling me that peace begins with accepetance.

  2. Thank you for this post. I am new to your blog. but I am glad that I found it. The same thing happens to me. I just realized that this is why I keep my mind so occupied. I do know that joy is the only antidote I know of. I am so bad at doing good things for myself. So those moments are just moments. But for a second, I feel whole and that all is good.

  3. I couldn’t have read this at a more connecting time…I feel you…I struggle w the same battle and i too have been on that downward spiral thinking “all I have to do is call on the name of Jesus…I know His hand is outstretched to me….” Yet most of the time I can’t muster the energy to do it…there’s a great force in that spiral trying to suck us down but a greater force outside of it… Hang in there friend…you are a strong woman with a purpose to fulfill. You’ve got the victory in this 💪❤️

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