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I feel so exposed. Have I over shared? Did I go too far today?

I wish we were done with this. I am so sick of using that word. It’s a word I despise. A word I refuse to type right now. A word I loathe to say.

It is a word I have used a great deal lately, to describe a part of me that I cannot shake. It is a part I have faced today , a part I have been hiding, even from myself.

It all fits a little too well and with something so deeply ingrained, it cannot simply dissipate.

No matter how much I reject it, or argue with myself, that word remains, swimming around my head.

Am I her? Or is she me?


They created her. It was a given identity, one that was never ever wanted. One that has never gone. How could they do that to a child?


I find myself with horrific nightmares this week. Not of rape, not of trauma, but of words that were used to describe me. Nightmares where I am again, the identity they forced on me. It is those words they used that have me waking most nights lately, screaming into my husband’s chest. I am shocked by the depth of the wounding. I am disturbed by the impact this has had. Broken. A shattered soul. Not just from rape, but from what I was forced to become. It is a label that has never left me, no matter how hard I try to conceal it from the world.


When I am triggered, I feel like that person again. A darkness descends, sort of enveloping me and I become cold and even aggressive and spiteful. I barely recognise myself, yet at the same time, it’s oddly familiar and even comforting somehow. I cannot continue living as two people though. The cross over feels like a death itself. It is draining forever clawing my way back from that Hell.

I do not want to feel those things. I do not want to be her. I do not want to feel like a lesser person, living half a life again.

I do not want to be despised any longer for surviving the only way I knew how.



I am filled with rage right now. Angry at those who do not deserve to know my pain. Even here I am beginning to feel exposed and unsafe.



3 thoughts on “Exposed.

  1. Trauma is the crime and the aftermath is restoration if you choose to work at it.
    What I mean is that the conditioning it took to get your impulse to survive on automatic will need the same intensity. What you feel think and do is all a part of the symptoms of being betrayed, by whomever and whenever. It is a way out and a way to live beyond the symptoms.
    I care,we care,and we all dare to heal in the midst of adversity.

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