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I have been writing since I came home from therapy almost two hours ago and I really need to share some of it. 

I don’t think a trigger warning is needed, but perhaps a caution to those who know me. It’s honest and perhaps a little darker than normal….


As I made my way home, I was driving towards the clouds.  I noticed the light cutting its way through them and an almighty rage within me began to grow. Rage at the world.  At the light.

At Him. 


How dare there be sunshine today? How can there be light and beauty in such a dark and ugly world?

I cannot help but feel that He is mocking me..today, He is but a cruel and distant King.


The very ones who should know better. The ones who proclaim to serve Him. Them. They did it. And so the list grows longer. Too many. 


What is wrong with them? What is wrong with me? 

Was it me? Could it be my fault, for being her?  My fault for being me?


There will no be closure. Not for this. There are no answers waiting for me. Who would even believe me? 



So, how can there be beauty today and how does the sun continue to shine? 

When all I see is darkness, how dare there still be light?







6 thoughts on “Offloading

  1. Most people are oblivious to their childhood pain. So they are only happy in the sunshine and sing without question, “it is a beautiful day in the neighborhood” and I Do NOT have to agree. Feel whatever you feel, whenever you feel it, no matter the weather! Those people are shaming and shameless. Keep being your truest self for you and your inner child.

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